AutoGyro Platinum Program

Certified Flight Training Program (CFP)

The AutoGyro Certified Flight Training Program (CFP) was developed to guarantee consistent international standards for pilot training and flight school organisations at the highest level. National and international regulations, training methods as well as instruction contents and methods have been incorporated and considered.

Pilots and flight instructors will be educated in a three level training plan from `Member Pilot` via `Professional Pilot` to `Expert Pilot` after standardised and worldwide accepted procedures.

The main benefits for the pilot:

  • Increase in safety by strengthening and expanding individual skills
  • The opportunity to charter AutoGyro gyroplanes worldwide at our certified partners by verification of one’s own qualification (AG CFP Certificate)
  • Participation in the AutoGyro hull insurance Program which insures the individual pilot’s risk
  • International comparability of the training and charter offers in regard to quality and cost

Flight schools will be certified in three different levels named Silver, Gold and Platinum. The qualification and continuing training of the training staff, the qualified maintenance of the gyroplanes used for training and charter as well as the infrastructure are measured against highest requirements. Regular audits guarantee a high, internationally comparable quality of the training.

The main benefits for flight schools:

  • Optimising of training processes and contents
  • Participation in the AutoGyro hull insurance program
  • Unique selling point of the flight school, the charter service, respectively by the AG CFP Certificate
  • Increase of profitability of the organisation